2014 Course for 10k, 6k and 3k races

2014 Course for 10k, 6k and 3k races

Hello swimmers! We have made a slight alteration to the 2014 course as we needed to move out of the Sitka Channel for the start and finish of the race this year. Great news is we will be starting from the USCG Gazebo so we will have bathrooms, a changing room and a great location for our warming tent right there.

The course will look very familiar as we will still swim out and around the north end of Japonski Island and will circle Battery Island. We are also excited about the course this year as we can now offer three distances for swimmers to challenge themselves on! The course is a 3.3k course approximately so with each “lap” you can build your distance. We will also be offering our 1k course this year for all ages of swimmers. The 3k and 6k races will be open to swimmers 16 and older and the 10k course to 18 and up.

Stay tuned too as later this week we will be opening up registration for all events!

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