Travel / Other weekend events

Getting Here …

by sea:

From Juneau, Haines, Ketchikan, or Bellingham take Alaska Marine Ferry to Sitka terminal (6 miles from downtown Sitka. They charge a $30 flat fee to transport a kayak, or put it on your car. Go to Alaska Marine Highway website.

by air:

Alaska Airlines has daily northbound and southbound service to Sitka. Go to Alaska Airlines website.

in Sitka:

Race will start on Japonski Island (airport side of Sitka) at the Mount Edgecumbe High School ramp. There will be signs identifying the race start.

Staying Here …


Camping is available at two U.S.F.S sites: Starrigavan campground near the ferry terminal at the north end of town (7 miles from downtown) and Blue Lake campground at the south end of town (6 miles from downtown). Go to Forest Service Camping site.

Housing and Hotels

There are several hotels in Sitka but space is limited and prices are high due to large influx of tourists from June to September.

  • The Bunkhouse at Fisherman’s QuayLocated in Sitka’s active fishing district and a short walk from downtown. Fisherman’s Quay is a very generous sponsor of Change Your Latitude! Thank you for your continued support! See for details.


Explore Sitka …

Come see why we’re so spoiled. If you are coming over for the race, stay a few days and discover this amazing place. In addition to kayaking, there’s mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and some of the best fishing in Alaska. Definitely worth exploring!

Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau

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