Race Registration Information

1K Entry fee swimmers $40.

3k/6k/10k Entry fee - $100 Individual entry before May 31st, June 1 - June 29 is $140 and after July 1st entries are $160

3k/6k/10k Swimmers who qualified for the race in one of the prior two swims do NOT have to qualify.

Swimmers who did NOT participate in Change Your Latitude in one of the proceeding two swims need to qualify for the event by providing proof; swimmers must submit witnessed proof of a continuous one (1) hour swim in water at or below 60 degrees Fahrenheit OR have a 2000m/2200y swim time of less than 40 mins.  All qualifying times must be witnessed and signed by a certified lifeguard or a USMS/ USA Swimming certified swim coach.

Swimmers requesting exceptions to the wetsuit requirement must submit the following:  proven experience (satisfactory to the race staff) with swimming in cold water races (below 60 degrees) without a wetsuit. Wetsuit waiver requests must be submitted to the Race Director at least (14) fourteen days prior to the event.

Swimmers who have successfully completed a swim of a similar or greater distance in a recent (within two years) swim or triathlon event may use their results as a form of qualification. Please email or mail results page from the event highlighting your name, age group and finishing time with your registration form.

All registration fees include a $10 portion towards the post swim picnic and awards ceremony for each swimmer and one support kayaker. Additional support kayakers, family or friends we request an additional $10 for each person.

Refund policy: Full refunds will be granted 30 days prior to race day (minus a $15 processing fee), a 50% refund will be granted thru 5 days prior. After that date race funds are forfeited

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