2014 Registration Opens this Sunday, March 9th!

6 03 2014
Swimmer registrations will be available this Sunday, March 9th, for the 2014 Change Your Latitude – 57* North Open Water Challenge! 

Race participants can register this year for the 10k, 6k, 3k or 1k solo swims, and 2, 3 or 4 person relays in any of the 10k, 6k or 3k swims. This year the 6k and 3k swims are open to 16 years and older swimmers and the 1k swim will be open to all ages again. 10k swimmers will need to be 18 years or older on race day.


All race participants in the distance swims (10k – 3k) will need to have an escort kayaker. If you need a kayaker please let us know ASAP so we can try to coordinate a volunteer for you.

2014 Course for 10k, 6k and 3k races

4 03 2014

2014 Course for 10k, 6k and 3k races

Hello swimmers! We have made a slight alteration to the 2014 course as we needed to move out of the Sitka Channel for the start and finish of the race this year. Great news is we will be starting from the USCG Gazebo so we will have bathrooms, a changing room and a great location for our warming tent right there.

The course will look very familiar as we will still swim out and around the north end of Japonski Island and will circle Battery Island. We are also excited about the course this year as we can now offer three distances for swimmers to challenge themselves on! The course is a 3.3k course approximately so with each “lap” you can build your distance. We will also be offering our 1k course this year for all ages of swimmers. The 3k and 6k races will be open to swimmers 16 and older and the 10k course to 18 and up.

Stay tuned too as later this week we will be opening up registration for all events!

Americas Top 100 Open Water Swims

6 01 2014

Americas Top 100 Open Water Swims

Change Your Latitude recognized as one of the top 100 open water swims in the US!

Super Cool! Thanks for the props World Open Water Swimming Association!

2014 Change Your Latitude Open Water Challenge Dates and Registration

6 01 2014

The 2014 date has been set and registration will open very soon! 

Plan to be in Sitka for the 2014 Change Your Latitude – 57* North Open Water Challenge, August 3 (Sunday), 2014! We will have our traditional Salmon feed and pre-race meeting the day before. Stay tuned for open registration for our 5th annual swim! New this year will be the opening of the 5K Race to those ages 16 and up! We are really excited about the 2014 open water season and are even more excited to welcome everyone back to Sitka for yet another great event! Come and join us for the Furthest North Ocean race in the world! 

Official 2013 Change Your Latitude Results!

4 08 2013

2013 Change Your Latitude Results

10K Female

  1. Heather Saline (Sitka) 3:26:14.19
  2. Trephina Galloway (Atlanta, GA) 3:30:41.95
  3. Cheryl Fellman (Juneau) 3:43:00.00

10K Male

  1. Patrick Williams (Sitka) 2:27:33.52

5K Female

  1. Kristin Jones (Juneau) 1:07:41.78
  2. Lisa Jones (Juneau) 1:33.50.03
  3. Amity Calvin (Sisters, OR) 1:37:51.65
  4. Mauren O’Hunter (Los Angeles, GA) 1:50:49.00
  5. Melanie Mocium (Mill Valley, CA) DNF

5K Male

  1. Leif Calvin (Santa Rosa, CA) 1:08:25.07
  2. Kris Calvin (Sisters, OR) 1:09:01.08
  3. Kevin Knox (Sitka) 1:23:34.52
  4. Tony Van Buuren (Livermore, CA) 1:25:15.27
  5. Dean Orbison (Sitka) 1:26:13.77
  6. Peter Weiland (Sitka) 1:28:06.5

1K Youth

  1. Trevor Jones (16 – Juneau) 15:09.32
  2. Kobi Weiland (10 – Sitka) 23.47.00

1K Adult

  1. Grant Turner (Sitka) 17.02.63 – no wetsuit
  2. Erika Knox (Sitka) 24:14:19
  3. Nancy Knapp (Sitka/Laos) 27:21.76
  4. Maggie Gallin (Sitka) 35:10.00

2013 Change Your Latitude dates!

11 11 2012

Start planning your open water calendar for 2013 and include the northernmost open ocean swim and one of the best swims you will ever do! Saturday August 3rd.

Solo or relay 10k (6.2 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles) and 1k (.62 mile) open water swims in Sitka Sound, with a water temperature range in the mid 50’s. The 10k/5k courses (open to 18 years and older) will start at the Mount Edgecumbe High School ramp on Japonski Island, then take swimmers north out of Sitka Channel and westward along the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historic Site and loop back to the Mt. Edgecumbe, 10k will loop course twice. 1k distance (open to all ages) will start and finish at the Mt Edgecumbe High School Ramp and loop to a turnaround point, finishing at the ramp.

Weekend events will also include all of the activities of the Sitka Sound Seafood Festival, and the Highland Games. You won’t have a better weekend to come to Southeast Alaska. You won’t see a better mix of prizes for best swims, oldest and youngest swimmers, farthest traveled and more! We are giving away boxes of Alaska’s finest products, Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp, Black Cod and more! Join us August 3rd!

It’s a great day to be alive!

13 08 2012

Change Your Latitude – 57* North Open Water Challenge

2012 Results

Men’s 10K – Kris Calvin 2:42.13, Robert Huber 3:34.51

Women’s 10K Amity Calvin 3:44.18

Men’s 5K- Leif Calvin 1:11.21, Richard McKern 1:11.54, Kevin Knox 1:19.48, Frank Pernoetto 1:19.59, Grant Turner 1:20.48, Dean Orbison 1:23.20, Eric Martin, 1:23.28, Eric Holmgren 1:23.48, Peter Weiland 1:33.11

Women’s 5K – Tracie Harang 1:28.24, Patty Herman 1:32.44, Kim Rice 1:34.28, Heather Saline 1:36.42, Erika Knox 1:37.37, Cheryl Fellman 1:39.00, Rene Mann and Joan Lauber DNF.

Men’s 1K- Luke Thomas 16.34

Women’s 1K – Amy Watson 25.30, Adelaide Johnson 25.42

Boy’s 1K – Jack Weaver 21.41, Maki Saline 24.54

Girl’s 1K- Kaysia Whitmill 17.20, Skylar Moore 17.59, Ava Parrish 22.02

The 2012 race included swimmers from all over the US, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Minnesota and California. Swimmers from Juneau also participated. Local swimmers turned out in record numbers with 16 hailing from Sitka.

This was the first year for the race to offer the 1K distance for both adults and youth. Race organizers were very excited to offer the new race to offer both the kids and adults. For some it was a great opportunity to try open water swimming as a competitive event. Whether competing against others or a personal goal or two, getting in and swimming any of the distances in this challenge is definitely courageous.



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